Set of 3 Aspen Wood Candle Holders

  • $ 27.99

Selling a set of 3 Aspen Wood handcrafted candle holders. This beautiful trio originates from fallen Colorado Aspen trees. Each set of 3 has their own unique color and wood grain. Each candle has been cut, hand sanded, with edges rounded. After that manual process, all have been finished with multiple coats of polyurethane. Never leave unattended while candles are lit! (Candles aren't included)


6" tall 3.5-4" in diameter (Approximate)
4" tall 3.5-4" in diameter (Approximate)
2" tall 3.5-4" in diameter (Approximate)
The pictures shown in this listing are similar, but not exact, to the trio of candles you will receive. Your trio of candle holders will be one of a kind! Every set of candles will have their own individual appeal and charm.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Also, check out all the other Aspen Wood Creations on my page.