Set of 20 3.5"-4" Wood Slices

  • $ 24.00

Selling a set of 20 natural rustic aspen wood circles. These beautiful pieces are great for rustic themed weddings, table numbers, table decor, home decor, crafts and supplies, etc... They're hand picked, than cut evenly. These pieces are unfinished so you can do any project!

Diameter: 3.5"-4" (approximate)
Thickness: 5/16" (approximate)

Each piece has its own unique markings. There will never be two alike. That's the beauty of buying this large lot.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Also, check out all the other Aspen Wood Creations on my page. Always ready to ship the next day!

These wood slices have been dried out, but in time, may crack and the bark may fall off.