10 Blank Aspen Wood Standing Wood Signs

10 Blank Aspen Wood Standing Wood Signs

  • $ 23.00

Selling a set of natural standing wood blanks. These wood slices are great for creating your own custom wood signs/table numbers, wedding signage and much more! Create the perfect touch to any wedding style!


Thickness: (.75"-1" inches) Approximately
Diameter: (3-5" inches) Approximately

Each piece has its own unique markings. There will never be two alike. That's the beauty of buying this large lot.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Also, check out all the other Aspen Wood Creations on my page.

**Shipping Rates @ USPS have recently increased again (JAN 2020).
We base our prices off that!

These wood slices have been dried out, but in time, may crack and the bark may fall off.